Long-haul truckers are in high demand these days, which means that becoming a truck driver may be an appealing potential career choice.

Before you say “yes” or “no” to the idea of making a living on the road, it’s important to consider the pros and cons. Here, we outline some of the benefits as well as a few of the drawbacks to this career choice.

The Good

  1. You’ll see lots of new faces and places.

Truckers are constantly meeting new people and passing through places they may have otherwise never travelled to. If you enjoy adventure, this is a definite positive.

  1. The starting pay is high.

Because of the nature of the job, most truckers enjoy a much higher starting salary than those who are hired for entry-level or even middle management jobs in other fields.

  1. You work in relative freedom.

With trucking, you don’t have shift bosses and employers constantly standing over you to ensure you’re “doing your job.” Rather, you have set expectations and deadlines, but you are treated like a responsible adult and allowed to meet those deadlines unsupervised.

The Bad

  1. Truck driving certification can be expensive.

Driving a big rig requires a special license, and truck driving school can be a bit pricey. Some companies will pay your tuition, but the initial cost can be a setback for some.

  1. It can be lonely.

While it’s great to have freedom, many truckers also feel lonely and isolated when they’re spending weeks on the road. Not everyone minds the solo nature of the job, but for social people or those with families, being a long-haul trucker can mean quite a lot of sacrifice.

  1. It can be hard on your physical health.

Truck driving is an odd mixture of being extremely sedentary for hours and then getting short bursts of demanding physical labour. Many truckers experience aches, pains and health issues such as obesity or hemorrhoids due to the imbalance of sitting and being active. This can be managed with careful planning and mindfulness, but it is a definite drawback nonetheless.

A Few Final Thoughts

This list is nowhere near comprehensive. There are many more positive aspects of the job, and there are also more potential drawbacks that weren’t covered.

Ultimately, you should take the time to truly consider what kind of life you would enjoy leading and base your personal pros and cons on that. You may find that long-haul trucking is a perfect fit for you.