Truck drivers need to be healthy to work effectively. To ensure you can continue to work at the top of your game, here are some health checks that truck drivers should do annually.

Have Your Eyes Checked

It goes without saying that a healthy pair of peepers is a prerequisite for a successful truck driving career. Get yours checked early, and often.

Blood Pressure

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is a major cause for truck drivers to fail certifications or physicals for jobs. Your blood pressure being too high can lead to a number of more serious health issues which, left untreated, can risk the safety of you and those you are around when you’re on the road.

Heart Disease

Experiencing a heart attack while driving a big rig is every truck driver’s worst nightmare. Annual wellness checkups and heart monitoring can help catch any trouble before it’s too late.

Hearing Test

The ability to hear is crucial when driving commercial vehicles. Drivers must be able to hear engine or road noises that could be a sign of a problem with the vehicle, on the road or with a nearby vehicle.

For the exact form that is to be completed as part of a medical exam for individuals driving commercial vehicles in the province of B.C., click here.