Long-haul trucking can be a dangerous job, especially if you are working overnight and with little sleep. Here’s a list of tips to ensure you’re as well-rested as possible on-the-job.

Give Yourself a Place to Sleep

Being a long-haul trucker, chances are you have become well-acquainted with sleeper cabs. Much like you want your bedroom at home to be cosy and comfortable, we recommend decking out your sleeper cab with items that will increase comfort.

You Can’t Always Sleep Long

If your driving schedule doesn’t allow you to get a full night’s sleep in one shot, it can be helpful to try and squeeze in a power nap. Simply pulling over and giving yourself 15 to 45 minutes to shut your eyes can have a tremendous effect on your mental and physical fatigue levels. If possible, look for a spot that is shaded or has fewer lights than the main highway or interstate.

Eat and Drink Healthily

The food and drinks we consume while on the road can have a big impact on how well we sleep. Reducing the amounts of coffee, soda, and junk foods you intake, and increasing the amount of whole foods in your diet can help you get better quality shut-eye.

Try to Keep a Regular Schedule

This is tough for anybody these days, but for long-haul truckers, trying to keep some semblance of a regular schedule can be downright impossible. Our bodies love routine and predictability, and having an irregular sleep schedule can take its toll. If you do have to switch routes, plan out the next few trips and see if you can find a way to work on a similar schedule for all of them.